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Resurfacing notes in Roam

January 12, 2022

I currently have 100 evergreen and 494 literature notes in my Roam database, so discovery has become a problem. I do create "maps of content" in order to more easily track the notes and organize them in topics, but I wanted to have Readwise-like note resurfacing. I wanted to resurface notes, like how Readwise resurfaces highlights. Thankfully, this is possible with the Roam API.

I tag my evergreen notes with the #e tag, by adding a "meta" bullet on top of them:

- Meta::
    - Category:: #e
    - Relevant notes::
    - Created at:: <%DATE%>

In order to resurface these notes in my daily notes, I wanted to randomly select five notes that contain the #e tag.

Here's how to do that with the Roam API:

                        :find (pull ?referencingBlock [:block/page])
                        :in $ ?pagetitle
                            [?referencingBlock :block/refs ?referencedPage]
                            [?referencedPage :node/title ?pagetitle]
  .map(page => window.roamAlphaAPI.pull("[:node/title]", page[0].page.id))
  .sort(() => 0.5 - Math.random())
  .map(result => `[[${result[":node/title"]}]]`).slice(0, 5) 

Put this in a SmartBlock and you're good to go: