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Stop thinking what others would like to read

February 21, 2021

As a writer, you can fall into the trap of thinking about your readers too much. Will they like what you write? Will it resonate? But, the best writing is the one you don’t care how many people read.

Stop thinking what other people would like to read and start writing about what you’re interested in.

Writing what others want to read is work, and people can sense it in your writing. Writing what you want to write is fun, and people can sense that as well.

This doesn’t mean you can write carelessly. Every word should serve the reader. Like whoever is reading has the power to fire you.

Be ruthless with eliminating words that don’t serve the reader. “But I have spent so much time writing this sentence!” — I know, it sucks. Your own words come with some emotional attachment.

Eliminating words, sentences, or even entire paragraphs hurts. Still, if you don’t do it, your writing will suck.

The best writing is therapeutic. It’s the kind of writing you write in your journal. The kind of writing you are slightly afraid to share since it’s too personal.

But, since it’s personal, it can resonate with total strangers who had a similar experience.

Oh, and everything you write should not only serve the reader but you as well. It should help you realize things you didn’t know when you started writing. Hidden behind a constant chatter in your head that becomes silent as you get “in the zone”.

Don’t be afraid to publish. Don’t surrender to the self-censoring voice that represents “society”. If you dig deeper, you’ll probably realize that you don’t care that much what person X or Y thinks. It’s all imaginary.

So publish.

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