Hrvoje Šimić


Full-stack Ruby and JavaScript developer with ten years of experience. Worked mostly with US-based startups over the years and made some commits to Ruby on Rails core.




Apr 2019 – Current | Lead Developer

CareGrove is an online payment platform for senior living communities.

  • Built and scaled a Rails app from serving one community to hundreds of them
  • Built a payment system with support for scheduled payments that processed over $5MM in transactions
  • Lead a development team and improved organization in the company

Booster Stage

Aug 2018 – Apr 2019 | Full Stack Developer

Booster Stage is a small agency that helps entrepreneurs build and launch web applications rapidly.

  • Built two Rails apps for accepting payments from scratch
  • Built an embeddable payment form modal for accepting payments on third-party websites


Jan 2018 – Jul 2018 | Backend Developer

AmaZix is a world-leading community management company for crypto-currencies.

  • Built a system for automatic bounty validation from scratch
  • Implemented system for validating reported posts from big social networks like Facebook and Twitter


May 2017 – Jan 2018 | Full Stack Developer

IvySpace is an online knowledge sharing service between mentors from Ivy-league colleges and students from China.

  • Converted Reflux based React application to Redux and Redux Saga
  • Implemented fallback for currency conversion API
  • Converted various translation-related models to new JSON based schema with some fancy usage of Postgres functions

Synectics Media

Aug 2016 – May 2017 | Full Stack Developer

Synectics Media is a media company from Detroit, specialized in making small MVPs. I built a marketplace focused on automotive parts and primarily intended for mobile use.

  • Built an MVP from scratch using Ember.js and Ruby on Rails
  • Implemented integration with peer to peer payment services using both PayPal and Stripe
  • Implemented integration with shipping APIs which supported printing international shipping labels from a bunch of providers


Jan 2016 – Apr 2017 | Full Stack Developer

Airbrake is the first and most popular exception tracking service.

  • Maintained their open-source JavaScript and Node.js libraries with thousands of downloads


Jan 2015 – Jan 2016 | Full Stack Developer

Lessonhub is a custom education-focused content management system used by teachers across the US.

  • Built a custom content management system from scratch, with support for math functions and various custom lesson elements
  • Implemented frontend in Ember.js and the backend in Ruby on Rails
  • Implemented a small analytics platform, backed by Redis
  • Was in charge of everything related to development, including managing other people that worked on the project


Oct 2013 – Jun 2014 | Full Stack Developer

Particle is an internet of things cloud platform focusing on providing easy internet access to Arduino-like boards.

  • Built a custom browser-based IDE for their platform from scratch, using Ember.js that communicated with multiple APIs
  • Built a Rails API with support for submissions of custom third-party libraries for the IDE usage


Aug 2013 – Oct 2013 | Full Stack Developer

Betterdoc is a SaaS that helps its customers with finding the best doctor for their needs.

  • Improved the test suite and raised the quality of the existing Ruby on Rails codebase


Feb 2013 – May 2013 | Full Stack Developer

Hiiro was a SaaS for finding high-quality contractors, meant to be an alternative to Toptal. Unfortunately, it didn't gain enough traction, so development was discontinued.

  • Implemented private exception tracking system for the Ruby on Rails API
  • Implemented various features using TDD for a frontend that was using Angular.js and the backend which was using Ruby on Rails
  • Refactored large portion of the codebase, which improved the performance of the API


Feb 2012 – Aug 2013 | Full Stack Developer

Rackspace is a popular cloud provider, and I worked on Airbrake. Airbrake is the first and most popular exception tracking service.

  • Implemented various third-party service integrations like Engineyard, Heroku, and Jira using TDD
  • Maintained an open-source Ruby gem that integrates with Rails with millions of downloads
  • Added support for newer versions of Rails to an open-source gem
  • Resolved support issues for over 40,000 monthly active users


Sep 2011 – Feb 2012 | Full Stack Developer

Showmojo is a small website for managing real estate showings. The backend is written in Ruby on Rails, and the frontend is using jQuery.

  • Implemented analytics for images rendered on third-party services
  • Implemented various CSS and JavaScript hacks for IE6
  • Improved user experience for photo uploads


University of Zagreb

2008 – 2013 | Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science



2020 | author | JavaScript

Kuote is a small website for creating beautiful Medium-like quotes, perfect for sharing on Twitter or Instagram.


2017 | author | Ruby

Journmail is a service that reminds you to write in your journal every day by sending reminder emails.


2017 | author | JavaScript

Zapsnap is a fun little service for temporary peer-to-peer screenshot sharing.


2014 | author | JavaScript

Livedown is a small tool that enables live Markdown previews from your favorite editor.