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Taking time off from network tools

July 17, 2018

I've been away from all websites I spend the most of my time for 3 months.

That meant:

  • no Twitter
  • no Facebook
  • no Instagram
  • no Reddit

This happened after realizing those social media platforms started to affect my productivity and ability to focus. What drove me even more towards quitting social media completely was reading Deep work by Cal Newport.

The main takeaway from the book, considering the use of network tools in a hyper-connected way, was the craftsman approach to selecting tools. This approach consists of realizing that usage of all tools comes with pros and cons and that caution is required when opting-in for the tool just because of the one positive aspect of it.

The key is identifying positive and negative aspects of every tool and analyzing how it affects your success and happiness.

Doing this made me realize I only really need one network tool - Twitter. I'll make some adjustments to how I use it, though. I definitely need more control.

@shime_sh Hrvoje Šimić
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