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March 6, 2018

I'm a freelancer and I love what I do. There is a thing I value the most in this type of work.

That thing is freedom.

It's not about working when you feel like it, since there is no schedule. I used to think that was great, not having to wake up at 7am every day. Well I was wrong. I came to the conclusion that working early in the morning is the best for me and I feel the most productive at that time. It's a healthy, natural thing to do - so I wake up early.

It's not about not having to commute to your work. I used to think that was great too, not having to spend so much time in traffic and all. Well I was wrong again. Being around people at work motivates me more. Having an office space makes the work/life boundary tangible. It's great for my motivation and work/life separation - so I commute.

It's not about being able to travel. I used to think that was great, being able to work while traveling. Well guess who was wrong again. It doesn't work for me - so I don't work while traveling.

So what freedom am I talking about?

I'm talking about freedom to work internationally. Not being restriced by location. That's the type of freedom I value the most. I don't have to choose from a pool of locally available companies to work for, my pool is the entire world. A world of companies willing to hire remotely.

I think that's the greatest freedom that you could get with work and I love freelancing because of that.

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